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Savuth's Tuk Tuk Tours Angkor Wat Driver


Past guests share their experiences

Here you can see what some of our past guests have had to say about their experiences with Cambodia and Savuth or the other guys that sometimes help out.

UPDATE: As of October 11, 2017, we finally succeeded in getting Savuth a listing on Tripadvisor. This is a very important tool in getting new guests, really important, so we would love it if you would leave a review on Tripadvisor. Click here!

If you are a guest and would like to leave your feedback please use our evaluation form. (If you want to make a general inquiry or comment please see our 'CONTACT' page.)

•Silke, Germany

Dear Leonard,, we are back from a wonderful trip in Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand. Thanks again for the connection to Savuth. We had a perfect time in Siam Reap and everything works out perfect. Savuth was a wonderful and very, very nice driver. We have had a great time together. Al lot of greetings from the very cold Germany, Silke

•Chong, Malaysia

Hi Mr.Leonard , As you said , mr Savuth is a good tuktuk driver with the smiling face everyday . He is responsible and try to explain everything we do not clear when touring angkor wat. I had a great tour and experience because of him and thank you very much for introducing Savuth for me. Thanks mr.leonard too

•Kenny, Malaysia

Hi Leonard, I cannot say this enough... THANK YOU. Regards, Kenny

•Nacho, Spain

Hi, Leonard! We are back in Dubai after our trip to Cambodia and Thailand. I would like to thank you for your arrangements and for your support to SAvuth in the arrangements. He was a nice and excellent guy and took us around to many places. He also told us that you are coming at the end of September! ;-) Enjoy!!!! Best regards, Nacho

•Markus, Australia

Hi Leonard, Just got back to the hotel after finishing up the 3-day tour at Savouth's place. He has been absolutely professional, kind and reliable over the past three days and I'm glad I could learn a bit more about Cambodian life away from the temples. He also showed me some photos of you (his wife reckons we look much alike, though I'm a wee bit younger) and other tourists who have visited and financially supported him over the years. Without being too sentimental, it's incredible how these people approach life and their challenges which make our issues look fairly trivial. I wish more people would go to places like Cambodia and ditch their (well-deserved) resort holidays to see how it's like to live in the unknown day by day. Anyway, I know you're the wrong person to address this to (and I saw similar places such as Vietnam before) but I wish we could close the gap between rich-poor sooner rather later. Thanks again for organising the tour and your continued support for Savouth's family - You're a very kind person indeed! Regards, Markus

•Stephen, New Zealand

Hi Leonard, I ended up getting Savuth as my driver in the end. Could not been happier with his driving, knowledge and ever present smile. I hope I thankes him enough. It was generally touching that he took pictures of us on his own phone. Thank you again for the service you are providing both fot me the tourist and Savuth himself. If you are ever in Wellington let me know so I can buy you a beer at least. Cheers Stephen

•Adrian, Indonesia/USA

Hiya Leonard - how are you? All is well here, Im still in Jakarta visiting my parents. I got back from Bangkok last week and head off to Bali this weekend. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for your help. Savuth took care all of us well. Thank you.

•Lay, Malaysia

Dear Leonard, My partner and I have returned from my trip a while ago. We had a good time in Siem Reap. Our visits to the temples were made easy by Savuth, Rern Phon and another of their colleagues. They were always on time and took the initiative to give useful suggestions and pointers. We were given plenty of cold water, which was great to beat the heat. We took it easy this time around and enjoyed a balanced trip. I'm likely to return to Siem Reap with others in the future and will certainly engage their services again. Thank you so very much for your help. We truly appreciate it. Best regards, Lay


Hi Leonard, My wife and I thank you and Savuth for this 2 days here in Angkor. First day, he invited us to his house, we met with his family and sister who works in France and sister-in-love. He is lucky, he owned a house, but the conditions are not as good as we see. We will post our pleased experience to our all friends would like to come to Cambodia. Thanks again for your true and at heart help to Savuth. Warm regards, Alper.

•Alison, Australia

Hi there Leonard, We just arrived back from Vietnam and Cambodia and what an amazing trip....the best one so far! We would like to thank you for putting us in contact with Savuth - he was fantastic! We totally enjoyed our touring with him and would love to book him again this coming December for more touring of Siem Reap ..... He was great fun, punctual, always had a bottle of cold water on hand, happy and very helpful ... We were not sure what to pay him but we gave him approx $xxx.00 AU sorry forgot already what it was in Cambodian lol. Do hope that was enough for him. Again thanks so much for assisting us, Cheers, Alison

•Ian & Chris, UK

Hi Leonard, I would like to thank you for organising our itinerary for our trip in April/May 2016 and to pass on our regards to Savuth. Everything went smoothly and we had a wonderful trip, and also the airport pick-up and drop off was faultless. Our chariot was an additional bonus especially with the free air-con. Once again thanks. Ian & Chris

NOTE from me: Ian & Chris are true wanderlust world travellers and have a wonderful travel blog you should check out. You can start with their blog about their Angkor Wat experiences and then explore and enjoy the rest of their informative and inspirational travelblog:

•Jenny and Lindsey, Brooklyn, NY

I can't say enough wonderful things about Savuth! We arrived on New Years Eve 2015 and Savuth was set to pick us up at 10AM the next morning. I texted him at 730AM after a wild night out on Pub Street asking if we could push 10am to 12pm. He immediately responded with no problem at all and we started our day at noon. We saw a few of the temples, and then he dropped us back off in town with plenty of recommendations for food, shopping, etc.

The following day we had planned to visit Angkor Wat at sunrise. He showed up to our hotel at 6AM and little did we know what was in store for our day! We spent a few hours wandering around Angkor Wat, had a snack and some coffee with Savuth before heading back and he communicated to us that his nephew was getting married that afternoon and he would love for us to join! How exciting!

He took us back to our hotel to change, patiently waited for us, and then took us to his home to meet his children, wife, etc while he got ready for the wedding. His wife and children are absolutely lovely, so hospitable and kind :) We were then off to the wedding as a family! We met the bride, groom, tons of family and friends, had a multi course luncheon (including shark, ant soup, among other super interesting dishes), danced and drank beer all afternoon. Savuth then took us back to our hotel as we had an evening flight to Vietnam. What a day and such an unforgettable experience. Thank you Savuth to you and your family welcoming us into yours as your own.

•Olga, Czech Republic

Hi Leonard, I would like to thank you for arrangement you did for us and especially for all support you do for Savuth. He is great and extremely nice person. We had great time in Cambodia and have seen a lot. Now already relaxing south of Thailand. Again many thanks for all.

•Andhika, Indonesia

Hi Leonard, We had a wonderful time in Angkor with Savuth. Thank you for maintaining the angkortuktuk website and introducing us to him. We were deeply touched by the Cambodian people and will surely try to encourage our friends and family to come (we plan to start a travel blog!) and we will surely recommend Savuth's service. Thank you! Kind regards

•Pablo, Spain

Hi Leonard, I just wanted to write a quick email to thank you for putting us in touch with Pinut. He arranged a driver for us called Mr. Sokha, an extremely kind and polite guy who always had a big smile and took us to many nice places, including a great floating village away from the tourist traps near Siem Reap. Overall we had a perfect time in Cambodia, and we will surely recommend Pinut's company to our friends and family. Regards, Pablo.

•J.Y., Australia

Hi Leonard, I am back into the full swing of work and a little overwhelmed at the moment to write properly. However, I thought I would drop a quick thank you before I forget! I had a fantastic time in Siem Reap. Savuth was just so warm, friendly and generous. We got on very well. No hiccups - except once where I got so engrossed in a temple that I got lost (I got out the wrong gate). Of course I managed to find Savuth by ringing him and all was well. I got quite ill on the final day (and am still battling this strange stomach discomfort now), and so just ended up sleeping at the hostel.

Cambodia has made me very sad - institutionally, there seem to be few ways out. However, it has also highlighted the power of individuals - a source of hope. When I look at the partnership you have with Savuth - I see generosity and kindness brimming from every angle. Thank you for all that you are doing - it is a reminder for someone working in the policy/politics/development/humanitarian field that I can still have faith in people (and not become cynical or jaded by the daily grind)!

My warmest wishes. Take care! Please also pass my warm wishes onto Savuth. Cheers, Jenny

•Mehta, Malaysia

Dear Leonard, thanks for the wonderful arrangements and assistance provided. Savuth was a gem! My parents loved his services. He was prompt, soft spoken, and very caring of elderly persons like my parents. I would highly recommend him to all my friends who intent to use him in the future.

•Mari, Philippines

Hi Leonard, How are you? Hope all is well. I'd just like to thank you again for assisting with our booking. I must say that we couldn't have picked a better guide than Savuth, such a good man who is great at his job. What we really loved is how he took us off the beaten track to show us the other beauties of angkor park like the lake where water buffalos gather. Beautiful really. Definitely recommending him to all our friends who's planning to visit Siem Reap soon! Thank you again and do extend our regards to Savuth

•Stephen Macdonald, Vancouver, Canada

I can not thank Leonard enough for all his help in making this such a supurb visit to Siem Reap. I want to thank him for all the time he gave me in sending me information and giving me support. It made all the difference. Suvuth was an excellent and very safe driver. His tuk tuk was always spotlesslly clean and Savuth was also prompt arriving on time each day as arranged. I wouldn't hesitate in hiring him again.

I had a perfect time in Siem Reap. This was a second visit to Siem Reap. The plan this time was to spread out my temple visits over 5 mornings and it worked out so well. Here are the details so that a future client who may have the time and interest to do the same.

Day 1 Departure from hotel 7:30am (Angkor Wat, Bayon, Bhaphoun, Elephant Terrace)

This was perfect time for arrival at Angkor Wat. Sunrise crowds had dispersed. No waits to get to the top. Bayon was very crowded however and filled with tour groups. One of only two bad experiences in this regard. Return to hotel at 1:00pm

Day 2 Departure from hotel 7:30am (Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon, Banteay Kdei)

Arrived Preah Khan at 8:00am and uncrowded. Neak Pean very crowded with loud, discourteous tour groups who overwhelmed the small site. I was almost pushed off the walkway into the water. Very unpleasant experience. Other sites redeemed the day. Return to hotel 12:00pm

Day 3 Departure from hotel 6:30am (Beng Mealea, Rolous Group)

Arrived Beng Mealea at 8:30am after 2 hr tuk tuk ride. It was cool in the early morning and jacket recommended. The rural scenery was great and I enjoyed the ride a lot. On arrival there were less than a handful of people on site and it was magical with the sun rising from the east splashing over the ruins and so few people at the site. I hired a local who took me inside and helped me clamour around the rocks and get some super photos. Beng Mealea was an absolute highlight of my Angkor visit. On the return I visited the Rolous group which I found to be well worth it.....although I hated travelling by tuk tuk on the National Highway back to Siem Reap. Suvuth will tell you that we came within inches of a very serious (probably fatal) accident caused by an idiot driver. I should say at this point I always felt very safe with Savuth's driving and felt well cared for by him. Return to the hotel 12:00pm

Day 4 Departure from hotel 6:30am (Banteay Srei, Banteay Samre, Pre Rup)

Arrived Banteay Srei at 7:30am among the very first to enter. Again the early morning light and beating the bus crowds made a visit at this time so worthwhile. It was magical. I actually spent more than an hour, much of it walking around the outside on the track across the moat where I got some great shots with the sun behind me. Return to the hotel 11:30am

Day 5 Departure from the hotel 7:00am (Ta Prohm, Ta Keo, Ta Nei, Chau Sey, Thommanon) Arrived Ta Prohm at 7:30am and again crowds very light. Just to confirm: the authorities are now enforcing the new opening hours. Entered from the east gate so had good light moving west. Of course Ta Prohm remains a highlight and I spent a lot of time here. I was glad I went on my last day of temple visiting. Ta Nei was new to me and pleasant to visit as I was the only one there at the time of visit. The others were quick stops and we returned to the hotel by 10:30am.

Savuth also drove me to the airport on Sunday March 6th and I was able to thank him and give him a tip plus the riels I had left over. He gave me a big hug which I was not expecting but which I really appreciated and was very touched by.

I loved staying at Viroth's Hotel. It was perfect for me in every way. My afternoons at the pool were relaxing. It's a saltwater pool which feels silken on the skin and rarely busy. Very luxurious! Nice people: the staff, the owners, the clientele. Very unpretensious. Food, both khmer and western very good. I ending up eating at the hotel most nights...the food was really good...both khmer and western....prices good.....and atmosphere and service excellent...

•Dr Robert Mellor, Vietnam

I traveled to Siem Reap recently and used the services from Mr Savuth and Angkor TukTuks for my whole trip - they were simply fantastic and that was good enough for me to take the time to write this review. My driver Mr Kheang was charming, professional, friendly and has now become a family friend. The Tuk Tuk is definitely the most pleasant way to travel - enjoying the fresh air and the breeze as you glide quietly through the forests between temples. Kheang was not an official guide but he was so knowledgeable and gave me lots of great tips. I could not recommend any Tuk Tuk company more highly. If you are travelling to Siem Reap (especially if you are visiting Angkor Wat and the temples) just tell them your itinerary and plans, let them arrange all your transport needs and then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!. The price is completely fair and you will have a wonderful trip to remember... for ever.

•Pearl, USA

Hi Leonard, Hope all is well... Thank you for all the arrangements in meeting Savuth in siem reap. He was very helpful and kind. I look forward to my next trip and will contact you regarding the transportation modes. I wish you all the best

•Pravin from Germany

Hi Leonard, just wanted to drop this quick note to say thanks again. I have found Cambiodians to be very warm, talkative and humble people. This is very remarkable considering the little means many of them have and the not so distant difficult past of the country. We have had a great experience and our driver for the day Mr.Sokha did a great job and connected very well with us in a personal and genuine way. He was attentive and interested in what we had to say as well. We are very impressed overall with the professional way our query was handled by you and like the story of your friendship with Mr. Savuth and how you help him out with this website. We can only recommend to everyone to book your angkor tuk tuk through Leonard and Savuth. Regards.

•Geoff and Sandra, Australia

When researching guides and drivers I came across Savuth the tuk tuk driver?s web site, ( and as a result contacted Leonard Novick who I understand to be a good friend of Savuths and someone who is very computer savvy who has helped set up this site. I must say that Leonard was extremely helpful to us in unravelling the confusing and (to us) rather overwhelming myriad of information about the many temples and other sights available to visit in and around Siem Reap. The obvious esteem Leonard has for Savuth was enough to convince us that he was the driver for us.

We then booked Savuth via Leonard and we couldn't be happier with the choice. We were with Savuth for two days and also used him to transfer us to the airport from our hotel. He was very punctual on every occasion and nothing was too much trouble. We had a number of friends suggest that air conditioned car is the way to go, but we found that we were very comfortable with the breeze created by having no windows around us. In fact we found it very refreshing. It eliminated the shock of getting in and out of the ice cold interior of a car and having to adjust to the sudden change in temperature. Savuth also supplied us with plenty of ice cold water during the day.

Our itinerary was as follows.

Day one. Sunrise Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, South Gate, Terraces, Bayon, Ta Prohm.

Day two. Kbal Spean, Banteay Srei, Landmine Museum, Butterfly Center.

Savuth also introduced us to excellent restaurants for meals during our travels. At our request Savuth organised a guide, Yon, to accompany us. This man was an absolute delight. Very informative, not only about the temples etc that we visited but also giving us information about things we saw while we were travelling. For example, the different types of rice grown and the different methods of cultivation required. He was also very interesting in describing daily life of ordinary people in Siem Reap.

One last thing I would like to relate. After our second day with Savuth, my wife left some shopping in his tuk tuk when we got out at the end of the day. She realised later that night what she had done. The next day while we were walking to Pub Street for lunch, I stopped and was filming an example of the traffic snarl that epitomises Siem Reap when I ?felt? someone standing close behind me. I turned to be greeted by the beaming smile of Savuth. He had found the shopping my wife had left in his tuk tuk and sought us out to return it to us.

I would just like to say we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Savuth and urge anyone visiting Siem Reap consider using his services.

•Don and Valerie

Leonard, We are home and all went well. Cambodia side of our trip went flawlessly. Savuth met us and took great care of us. We are most grateful to you for helping us set it up. I don't think we over stayed or abused him. Valerie and I truly enjoy his aid and appreciate his long days. Not sure when we will return but I will keep your email handy. Take care and safe travels


Hi Savuth. Thanks for taking my family and I around Siem Riep. It has been a lovely 2 days with you and your friend. Please thank your friend for us too. We really enjoyed the sights and meeting your beautiful family. We would readily recommend your services to our family and friends when any of them decides to visit your city. Wishing you and your family every bit of happiness and success. Kindest regards

•Mark, Philippines

Hi Leonard: I just thought I would let you know that our three tour days with Savuth and Mau went exceptionally well. They were always on time and very professional. They gave very good advice and were always courteous and friendly. During our visit to the land mine museum Savuth old me about his previous life as a soldier and what his people had to endure during the bad times, very sad; but Siem Reap looks even more bustling since our last time there in 2013, so I have high hopes for the Cambodians' future. Thank you again for the great referral! I would not hesitate to use the services again of Savuth and his mates on future trips to Siem Reap! Warmest regards

•Michael, Bangkok

Hi Leonard, I just wanted to let you know of our recent experience (the Warich group) with your guide Savuth in Cambodia/Angkor Wat on November 22. Savuth did an excellent job picking us up at the airport and getting us around for the day. A friendly, warm gentleman, he had good English skills and knew exactly what we wanted to see and got us to and from the sites and back to the airport on time. we had an excellent time and priceless memories. Regards

•Brandon, USA

Greetings Leonard, Savuth provided amazing service and I wanted to give him a 5 star revew on trip advisor, but I can't find a page for him, can you provide a direct link? Thank you

(NOTE from Leonard: Savuth and I have tried several times to get a business listing on Tripadvisor. There are many drivers who have succeeded, titling themselves as "Day Tours" or "Private Day Tours" according to Tripadvisor guidelines for such 'businesses.' Unfortunately until now the listing has never been accepted. But we will keep trying.)

•Denis and Elina, France/Russia

Hi Leonard, Just wanted to thank you for helping us with booking a tuk tuk. Kosal is a great guy and we felt safe with him even though he was definitely faster than other drivers - it helped us to visit even more attractions during our short stay. We built our itinerary ourselves and he accommodated everything. On the last day, as he's seen we were interested in local products he stopped a few times by the road to show us "sugar palm" and a few other things (palm nuts?), it was great. That's it, thanks again for your help and your advice and Happy New Year! Kind regards

•Christiane & Markus, Germany

Dear Leonard, dear Savuth, thank you very much for helping us to have 2 great days in Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples. We shurely will come back again in 2 or 3 years, but the next time we will spent some more days at Siem Reap. Hope we meet again.

(NOTE from Leonard: You can see their beautiful photos from Angkor here. Link will open in a new window.)

•Othmar and Sandra, the Netherlands

Hi Leonard, Just a quick note to thank you for your help. We had a great time with Savuth, it was a truly memorable experience and we will definately recommend him to friends going to Siem Reap in order to help him and his family. We hope you enjoy your break as well. Kind regards

•Sergei, USA

Hi Leonard, I just wanted to let you know how lucky I feel that I found your blog and through it connected with Savuth. Thanks to you Cambodia visit was a real crown of my Asia trip. Everything was just awesome! Thank you very much!!!

•Petra & Achim, Germany

Hi Leonard, meantime we are back since 1 month and would give you a short feedback of our trip. First it was a very good recommendation to eliminate two of our destinations, so we had always a relaxed time. At Siem Reap everything worked perfect with the exception of the weather (no sunrise at Angkor Wat) and the groups of shouting japanes and chinese tourists. But Savuth was really a nice guy and he did an excellent job !!! We have been perfectly satisfied. At least many thanks and all the best to you. Warm regards

•Janina from Germany

I would like to give a recommendation to everybody looking for a great, safe, friendly an reliable Tuk Tuk driver in Siem Reap and to visit the temples of Angkor Wat. Mr. Pit Savuth is a friendly, safe and very pleasant person and driver. He was always looking for me thoughtfully when I was visiting a temple, so I was always able to find him immediately. I had a great day with him driving me through the temples and I can absolutely recommend him to everybody." Best regards

•Barry and Marilyn, Australia

Hi Leonard, We have just returned home and wish to thank and advise you that all the arrangements in Siam Reap went very well. Our first tuk-tuk driver was Cheong... he was a little apprehensive at the beginning but he soon blossomed. His punctuality and site descriptions were very good. Our 2nd tuk tuk driver was Savuth... he was more confident and explicit in his site descriptions. His punctuality and driving was very good too. We asked more questions of Savuth and his family and were touched what he told us. When he dropped us off at the bus depot on the morning of our last day he said ?God bless you?. For BOTH tuk tuk drivers we made a decision to supply them with needs that would assist their families and their reactions were priceless. All in all even in that awful heat and humidity we had a memorable and enjoyable time. Again thank you for your website and assistance. Kind Regards

•Meryem, Hong Kong

My friend and I had an amazing time at Angkor Wat. We had the visits, tuk tuk & guide organised through Angkor Tuk Tuks and it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Leonard. Leonard was extremely helpful and responsive. He helped us together with our lovely guide to work on a unique itinerary to avoid the crowds and the tourists' buses. If you want to have an easy and comfortable experience in Angkor Wat, do not hesitate to book with Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk.

•Saswata, Bangalore, India

Hi Leonard,

Hope you are doing good. We reached home a couple of days back. The Cambodia trip was great- the Angkor temples were quite an experience and finally getting to see something that I have heard and read about for so long was really exciting. Savuth was very helpful in every aspect; Its quite an asset that he can speak English and he definitely helped in communication and like you have mentioned, his knowledge of the place definitely makes it very easy. The weather, though hot, was generally good during our stay. I would surely recommend Savuth to any of my friends and family who visit the Angkor temples and thanks to you too for helping me with the planning.

Regards, Saswata

•Marylise, Malaysia

Hi Leonard, I am back from my trip to Siem Reap. My friend and I really enjoyed it and we will probably go again. When we go we will definitely ask Savuth to drive us around, he is such a nice man ! he gives good advice, brought us to nice places and we felt very safe with him, his driving is excellent. I will definitely advise my friends to hire Savuth if they go to Siem Reap :-) Thank you and please say Thank you very very much to Savuth the next time you talk to him. Have a nice day, Marylise

•Kim, Manila, Philippines

Hello Leonard, I just would like to Thank you for coordinating with Savuth for our Tuktuk ride while we were in Cambodia. My friend and I had a good time while we were in Cambodia Thanks to Savuth. I wil recommend him to my friends who will visit Cambodia soon. Unfortunately we were not able to visit Savuth's villlage :(. Thank you to you and to Savuth

•Jason L, Australia

Gday Leonard, We wrapped up our 3 days today with Mr. Savuth. We couldn't be happier with the service. He put us in the right spots at the right time during our 2 days at the temples, we couldn't fault the places he took us for food and he kept us well-plied with water. The third day today was almost the best with our trip to kampong khleang and tonle sap punctuated by some very enjoyable stops to meet the locals. We never felt rushed or hurried at any time and we are very glad we stumbled across Angkor Tuk Tuk. Many thanks for all your help in putting this together. Kind regards.

•Jef and Christa Netherlands

we visit first Phnom Pehn the Capital City....very interesting, the King palace, Musea, Wat Pnom. the riverside and Boulevard. the tor to Siem Riep...we make this by Express Boat. Mekong Tonle Sap river and Tongle Sap Lake. you see a lot from Cambodia we had 3 wonderfull and great day's with Savuth. He is for us the best Tuktuk driver, we feel so save and free with him. He show- and tell us so much about his Country and the Temples.

the last day we drive togethet more than 140 km...we see only a few Tuktuk on the road to the Beng Melia Temple, but Savuth make this long trip for us.

Thank you for the great time Savuth.

•Danielle & Dave, Canada

Hi Leonard,

This is a very long overdue email ! I booked a tuk tuk back in January with you for a couple days. I wanted to thank you for your guidance as well as you help and coordination. Chon was our tuk tuk driver and he was just fantastic. Chon was kind and accommodating, always having cool water for us ready when we got back to the tuk tuk. He was a great guide and fantastic driver.

Thank you so very much, I cannot express just how grateful we are for your help and Chon's as well. Our experience with Angkor tuk tuk was fantastic and we have already sent the website to some fellow travelers. I hope that all drivers remain successful and keep well.

thanks again - when you get the chance, please send our gratitude onwards.

•Dan and Lin, California

Hi Leonard,

Trust you had a good Xmas. I am mostly recovered from my cold.

Savuth ? we had a great day with him. As with all the 13 days we spent in Vietnam and Combodia, the weather was perfect and a little cooler in fact on the 17th. He was waiting for us as we came out of the hotel lobby at 8:15am.

Off to AW we went, quickly paid for tickets and on to the Southgate where we bought sunset boat ride tickets at the red Kong Kea ticket booth ($15) as planned. On to the elephants on the east side of the Bayon at around 9:00am. They were all still there so I presume we were their first ride. A very pleasant ride and worth the $15.

Savuth suggested that we do Banteay Srei (BS) in the afternoon (less people). So, he took us in the morning to Preah Khan, Neak Pean and Ta Som. Then on to BS stopping first for an ?OK? one hour lunch at a restaurant in BS. Savuth appeared to take a back road for part of the ride to BS which we enjoyed as it passed through where real people lived. BS was a real gem with few people. We ranked it #3 after AW and The Bayon. Anyone that misses BS has missed a special place but, with a one day group tour like we had on the 16th, it is hard to include. You have to do a second day, which everyone should do if they can using someone like Savuth.

Then back to the park where Savuth took us first to East Mebon and Pre Rup (high with good views) before going to the boat at about 4:30pm. We were at no time rushed doing all this. It was a very pleasant slow paced day which ended perfectly with a relaxing cruise on the Angkor Thom moat. The dock is about 100m west of the South Gate along a dirt path. 4:30pm is the perfect time for the ride. A very slow relaxing cruise to the SW corner of the moat and then part way up the west side past Pr. Chrung at the corner. Some boats stopped at a dock there and people walked up to it to watch the sunset. Our boat stopped for about 15 minutes not far past this dock for us to watch the sunset. The sky was near cloudless so we had a perfect sunset to end our trip. The cruise, which included a bottle of water each, lasted about an hour making it a good value for $15 (and no insects by the way). I highly recommend this cruise as the way to end the day. Then a pleasant breezy after dark tuk-tuk ride back to the hotel.

Regards, and best wishes for the New Year.

•David, the Netherlands

Beste Leonard,

I am just back from Siem Reap, and would like to thank you for your help hiring a trustworthy and reliable TukTuk driver.

I liked very much Mau. in addition to being trustworthy and reliable, he is very kind and giving good advices. I just enjoyed very much my stay there, and avoided much hassle thanks to him (crowds)!

I'll certainly contact you again when I return there.

Een prettige dag verder


•Anonymous by request:

Thanks again for organizing. Everything worked perfectly and I loved Angkor Wat. What a remarkable place. 


Thank you Savuth for a great week. You are a wonderful tuk-tuk driver and a very kind man. We enjoyed meeting you.

•Ophelie, USA / France

Hi Léonard, We did spend 2 days with Chon and it was awesome. Very good service, very friendly guy. All the best !

•James and Margaret, from Canada

We enjoyed travelling by Tuk Tuk. Savuth for 3 trips, Mau for 3 trips. On long trips, Savuth brought along a cooler with ice. A kind gesture, to keep our small bottle of water chilled. We enjoyed the company of Savuth and Mau. We highly recommend for your Tuk tuk tours in Siem Reap. Leonard is special! Always attentive to your needs. His Tuk Tuk friends come with excellent recommendations. We believed in what Leonard is trying to accomplish for his Tuk tuk friends. Bravo to all, who touched our lives in Siem Reap.

•Pranoti, India

Hi Leonard, finished my angkor circuit yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for all the help. Savuth, Mau and my guide were wonderful and my Angkor experience was awesome because of them. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friend visiting siem reap. Thanks again and hope you have a great day.

•Lourdes, Philippines

Hi there, Leonard! We're back here at the Philippines. Thank you very much for arranging the tuktuk ride for us. Chon was a good driver. We had a great time!!!:) will definitely recommend this to our friends...It is definitely a beautiful country and honestly, I fell in love with the place even if I was there for only a couple of days. I will definitely visit Cambodia again. Thank you so much!! ??

•Annie L, UK

We discovered Savuth through this website and delighted how quickly Savuth confirmed his availability to share the wonders of Angkor Wat with my family. Savuth turned up exactly as planned and we spent two whole days with him exploring the temples with my small children. Savuth is a careful experienced driver, honest, and caring - and is always waiting for you exactly as planned! I thoroughly recommend him!


Hi Leonard! I've been meaning to email to you to thank you for all the help you rovided on our trip to Siem Reap. I've been so busy since we got back, and I just emembered it now. We had a great time there with Savuth as our guide. Thank you again. And it's a great thing what you are doing to help them.



•Ken & Beryl, Australia

Hi Leonard,

We have just returned home after a month of travelling, and I wanted to report on our experience with Savuth in Siem Reap.

Savuth met us at the airport as planned with the best greeting card in the airport - our name clearly printed in probably 65 mm high letters. How does he prepare these signs? Savuth was everything I had hoped for - courteous, friendly, and very proficient. He took us to all the places we wanted to see, and did it with a smile. I wondered about the 50 km trip to Kompong Khleang in a tuk tuk, but believe it was better than taxi, as we had constant breeze, and travelled at a leisurely pace, which allowed us to see the sights more easily - we felt at ease and safe, as Savuth proved to be a safe and competent driver.

Conversing with Savuth was usually easy, and always successful. We met his family one day at a time when the children were home from school, about midday, school shuts down for the hottest hours of the day. Sophea was busy preparing the evening meal, and Kong Khea had a number of photo albums she and the other kids took delight in showing us.

It was a great time to give them the colouring in books and drawing books we had brought along, but they were back at the hotel - we hadn't expected to meet his family that day. We gave the books etc to Savuth the next day, to give to the kids, and he told us they were happy with them.

We are more than happy to recommend Savuth to anyone visiting Siem Reap, and looking for a reliable driver/guide.

After leaving Siem Reap, we have given Savuth's phone number to three lots of people who were going to Siem Reap - we hope they made contact, and secured the good service offered by Savuth.

Thanks for your help in planning our trip, and recommending Savuth.

Warm Regards,

Ken and Beryl

•Toddy from Indonesia

Siem Reap in overall is a safe city to travel to. The sunrise at Angkor Wat is breath-taking. This is a genuine testimony from me... At first, I was skeptical about this website and Savuth tuk-tuk's 'only' good testimony, but trust me he is the best tuk-tuk driver you can find - a trust-worthy gentleman who is just trying to make a living. What I really like about him is he gives good recommendation i.e. he advised me to do the elephant ride from South Gate of Angkor Thom to Bayon at around 11am to avoid paying triple if I were to ride in the afternoon.

•Lisa & Ed, UK

Hi Leonard, We are now back from our trip and wanted to email to say a massive thank you for all your help. We had an amazing time in Siem Reap. We loved every minute and the trips and transport you helped organize were fantastic we couldn't have asked more from our guide Yon. He was great and Savuth and Chon were great. Please pass on our thanks to them they really helped make our trip.Thanks once again for all your help. It really has helped make our trip very special.

•Don B, Canada


Thanks for arranging both Savuth and Vanna for temple tours at Angkor Wat (and area). I had a couple of great days. I was able to see 5 sites with Savuth and another 4 on the next day with Vanna. Also the Seven Candles accommodations and staff were wonderful. Thanks again for your assistance. My time at Siem Reap was a treat. I hope to return sometime soon.

Best regards,


•Mike B, UK

Hi Leonard,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for our wonderful day yesterday, Savuth managed to sort a guide and he was great! Savuth was just such a lovely guy too. However the highlight had to be the visit to Savuth`s home, what a beautiful family, the kids are just adorable and so polite, they got out their English school books and we had great fun reading with them. Then there`s the food Wow ! Delicious probably the best we have eaten whilst in Cambodia, we also got to see the family photo`s where you obviously feature quite a lot, all in all a fantastic day out. Once again Thanks so much Leonard. Kind regards

•Michael and family, Hong Kong

We are now back in Hong Kong. Thanks very much for your arrangement.

This was our first trip to Cambodia. We all enjoyed the trip. While the temples were so stunning, the tour to Kompong Phluk was a very unique experience. The scenes along the way were so touched. I strongly recommend people to visit there especially for those with kids. It was quite an educational trip for us, especially for our kids.

Mr. Savuth also told us a lot about his country's history and background. It is a poor country with a sad history indeed.

We were so happy to have Mr. Savuth and his mate Mau as our tuk tuk drivers. Both of them were responsible, caring and very considerate. 

We also visited Savuth's house in one of the evenings. It was great for us to meet with his wife and kids. We will definitely love to visit Cambodia and Mr. Savuth again at some point in the future.

•Peter Heijm, Belgium

Visiting Siem Reap??? Need a good tutktukdriver? I can recommend you the best! Savuth is a very reliable person, who is very correct, friendly, and always on time. He knows his way around the whole area. Savuth was proposed to us thanks to a website named: Angkor tuktuk. If you have questions, you may always write us a mail: peterheijm[AT], we are from Belgium and had a very good time traveling trough Cambodia.

•Pauline Chern, Singapore

My sister, husband and I came back from Cambodia 2 weeks ago and had an amazing time there. For Siem Reap, Leonard helped us to link up to a tuk tuk driver, Chon. That was the best thing for us as we already have a reliable driver even before we stepped into Siem Reap. Thanks Leonard for all the help and suggestions. Really appreciate it.

Initially we did not know how to plan our route, what to do first and when to do. My sister just wrote down all the places we would like to cover and things we would like to do on a piece of paper (it was a long list!) and showed it to Chon. Chon helped us to plan our itinerary and we managed to cover most of the places in good time. We even went to a local market, it was very interesting.

Chon was always punctual and smiling. His charges are very reasonable and he was very accommodating when we made changes . I must say that our trip in Siem Reap went very well because we had a reliable driver to bring us around. It was just sit and go !!!

•J.Kim, Indonesia

Dear Leonard,

I must thank you for making my wife and I's experience in Cambodia a fantastic one! Savuth and Vanna together with the guide Yon were such valuable people whom I would like recommend to everyone who is willing to travel to Siem Reap. Again, thank you and let me know if you are any time dropping by in Jakarta. Wish you and your loved ones the best!



•William Schaefer Old Field, New York

Among the highlights of our visit (beyond Angkor Wat itself of course) were Bayon (whose giant stone faces continue to haunt me); Ta Keo (whose steep steps should be ascended for some great views); Banteay Srei (a far distance but beautiful carvings); Pre Rup (a massive temple mountain); and Ta Prohm (trees literally growing out of the temple),

However, the memories we will never forget: Beng Mealea (please use an on site guide for a true adventire); sunrise at Srah Srang (only a handul of people); and the Landmine Museum (a moving experience).

In a city with great restaurants, we founbd three remarkable ones: Haven (training Cambodians while serving great food); Tangram (romantic and headed by Danile who treats you so well--and the best Long Island Iced teas), and Touich (hard to find but great food).

Cambodia is a remarkable country and I shall return as soon as possible!

Mau served as our driver for four days and I can honestly say that he played a huge role in making our visit to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat so memorable. Mau met us at the airport upon arrival and from that moment forward provided thoroughly professional and efficient services as our tuk-tuk driver. He was punctual, thoroughly reliable, a careful and skilled driver, and very personable.

I was particularly impressed by the fact that as we exited each temple visited, rather than having to search among the scores or hundreds of tuk tuks, Mau would see us and drive to us--we never had to waste a moment searching or waiting for him.

While each traveler should make his own determination, given the incredible service at such low cost provided by Mau, my companion and I provided a well deserved tip at the end of the rip. Mau was quite thankful but I would say that it is us who are grateful--for a driver who made our exploration of Angkor Wat such an incredible experience. Mau is a hardworking man who takes great pride in his work and I recommend him with great enthusiasm.

Zoli from Hungary

Hi Leonard,

We are getting back home now from Asia and I just wanted to let you know that we were absolutely satisfied with our driver Mau, he is a very nice guy and we really enjoyed the tuk-tuk rides with him, thank you again for arrangement. Next time I will contact you again if you don't mind! :-)

Best regards,


•Praire Pensri from Thailand

Hi Leonard, I just come back and would like to give you feed back help promoting website and share my impressive experience. We stay at Botique Cambo Hotel. The hotel is very lovely, clean and very cute swimming pool. The weather is so great! A bit raining in the morning but still can see the sunrise at Angor Wat. All day long the weather is fullfil with very clear blue sky with sunshine.

My favourite place is Bayon Temple. Apsara face is so amazing. Angor Wat with sunrise is the most beautiful scenery. Mr. Savuth is our driver for 2 days. He was waithing for us at the hotel before the appointment schedule. He is very polite, nice smile and very friendly.

He took us (me and friend) to one day tour including sunset at Panhom Bakeng. He came to pick us in time. He took us to delicious resturant. It is really nice to have him as a driver and finally have him as a new friend :)

•Djalma, Belo Horizonte Brazil

All I can say is that having come to Cambodia has provided me with a wonderful experience. When I get back to Brazil, I will be carrying with me the unforgettable wonder of Angkor (Heaven on Earth, just like described in the books), the warmth of the Cambodian people, and the smile of the children. If I die tomorrow, I will have the comfort that I have realized a dream of a lifetime - that I have had for at least two decades - getting to know some of Southeast Asia, and Angkor was a very important part of it. I just can't imagine where else I could have done or started it better.

Savuth's (and his brother's as well) work was very professional - he did everything that was previously planned for the temple area and was kind enough to take me to other places (not thought of, originally), such as camera stores, the Old Market, and a bookstore.

I highly recommend them for their service for anyone who is wishing to have a great experience in the Angkor temple area.

•Zak, Malaysia

Hi ,Howa ya ?

Well, we are back home now and everybody wants to thank you for arranging the soft spoken Savuth to be our tour and transport planner. My wife was so happy with his services that she insisted that I introduce him to her sister who just arrived on Sunday morning. So it was fine with both Savuth and my sister-in-law and we just passed the baton to her.

We planned together but there were some changes due to the strong heat and humidity ( 100%...phew !!! ). He took us to the muslim restaurants, first night was D'halal cafe and the second night was The Cambodian Muslim Restaurant, an excellent choice where we met the owner/operator who is also the Imam for the mosque.

Well, I must thank you personally for spending your time in answering my emails and you make us happy with your suggestions. I must make it a point to visit this interesting location again and we'll do the places that we could not cover before.

Should you need any assistance in Kuala Lumpur just shout and I'll be happy to return the favour.

Warm regards. Cheers ~ zak

•Ginou and Jacques, from Rochessauve, France

Sorry Leonard, I'm a little late to give you some information about our visit in Angkor. Everything was perfect and MAU was really an excellent Tuk Tuk driver. Always on time available, friendly and efficient, it was a pleasure to be with him. He knows perfectly places and travel time and he suggested to start at 5 am for going to Banteay Srei. Mau was PERFECT. Thank you very much for your help!

We stayed at Villa Kiara, a very good hotel. This is a small hotel with 17 rooms, very quiet, 5 minutes from the center of Siem Reap. The staff is friendly and efficient, prices in this period quite reasonable.

The weather was very hot (but we like the heat!) And the light was harsh ... and there was a lot of dust. Of course we take a lot of pictures but the results are a little disappointing. It does not matter, the most important was to discover a country that we do not know and we were impressed by the Cambodians who are really kindness ... so different than Chinese people, which we begin to know well after 7 or 8 trips in this country.

Angkor is a FANTASTIC site and we will do another trip in this country to understand better the historical sites and the rest of Cambodia and its inhabitants.

•Roël, Canada

Dear Leonard, It is Roël from Canada - I hope all is well with you. I returned home from Cambodia a couple of days ago. I had a great trip but it is nice to be home. Thank you again for all of your help with my trip. I really enjoyed myself and Savuth was excellent. I have actually recommended him to a couple friends, so hopefully he is able to pick up more business.

I ended up hiring him for 6 days in total. Mostly seeing the temples, but he did take me on a day long trip around the Siem Reap area for me in addition to the other sights. He was great with his recommendations and took me places where no one was present - so I could have the best photo opportunities. If I go back to Cambodia, I would be happy to use his services again.

I am in the process of sorting and processing my photos. I will send you a link to them once I am done (in about a week or so) so you can view them. Again, thank you again for all of the wonderful advice and assistance. It is very much appreciated.

Take care, all the best, Roël

NOTE from Leonard: In the meanwhile, Roël has some amazing pictures up on his website. Take a look and enjoy!

• "Savuth's Cambodian Story" by Mitchell, 7 years old, Australia

In August, 2012, young Mitchell visited Cambodia with his Mom and Dad, Belinda and Stephen. It was not only a fun holiday for the whole family but as often happens the family became very close to and fond of Savuth and his family. When Mitchell returned home he made this great 11-page school report about his experiences. Thank you Mitchell for sharing this with us!

(presented HERE over 4 web pages)

•Maslina and friends, Singapore

(Note from Leonard: Maslina wrote a lovely travelogue story and it contains some helpful information for our growing number of Muslim Halal travelers from Southeast Asia. Thanks a lot Maslina!)

Hi Leonard,

How are you? Hope all goes well at your ends. I have been wanting to email you since I came back but things got uptight along the way once I'm back home hehe. As usual it is always the work.

Well to begin with, I would like to share my travel blog with you here hehehe. Surprisingly, all went well when we reached Aran-Poipet border and even getting the cab from the tourist center. We reached the hotel as expected around 4pm. And of course the so called 6-8 hours of trip had made us tired and very hungry but happy.

Then we met with your darling Savuth hahaha. Savuth is a very lovely person. He approached us at the hotel lobby at 6pm and asking " Are you Maslina?" at one of my girlfriends hahaha. It seemed that he had been anxiously waiting for us...poor him. I had contacted Savuth while in the cab. As a matter of fact, this initial contact had actually convenient us especially in looking for currency exchange booth and thereafter for dinner at Cambodia Muslim Restaurant all in less than 15 mins. Oh yeah Mr Kwan sent us to the restaurant instead since Savuth's had another urgent matter to attend and reminded us on the pick up at 5am for sunrise the next day. How efficient!


•Vincent Ho and family, Hong Kong

It was our first time visiting Cambodia and I strongly recommend people to visit there at least once in their lives. It was very educational, esp with kids, while visiting the killing fields (Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre) and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh. My kids understand much more about the dark side of communism and dictatorship under Pol Pot regime. We then visited Siem Reap for 3 days for some major temples, floating village and landmine museum. The most we like were the pictures crafted on wall in Angkor Wat as it was our first lesson to learn about the ancient Indian stories and the gods of India.

We were happy to have Mr Savuth as our tuk tuk driver as he is a caring and safe driver. He is a very humble and honest person and is very good at trip planning. He took us to places we wanted to visit with a good time management. He charged us at reasonable rates for our rides (save us lots of time for negotiation). Certainly, we felt happy to pay him some extra tips at the end of the day for his high-quality services. We felt comfortable on riding his tuk tuk too. We were glad to met Mrs Savuth and their kids, albeit very briefly as it was too late in the evening. We will try to visit them again and plan to spend a whole day, so that our kids could play with their kids.

•Judy & Kevin, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Leonard,

We have now arrived back in Melbourne and just wanted to let you know that the arrangements with Savuth in Siem Reap were perfect. We really appreciated his care during our time with him and very much enjoyed meeting his family on our last day. 

We've had an amazing trip and looking forward to reviewing our journey through our photographs. Thank you again for making the arrangements with Savuth. We will certainly be recommending him to our friends. Warm regards, Judy

•Karl & Renee Puou, Hawaii, USA (November, 2012)

Our first trip to Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap was amazing. We really had no idea what to expect but were very much looking forward to visiting Angkor Wat and the other temples. It was a very fulfilling trip in many ways.

Our driver for the 5 days were were in Siem Reap was Mau. Initially, he was a bit quiet but very nice. He was on time every day, waiting outside the hotel before we made it down stairs. When we were uncertain what our plan was he had suggestions for us. He understood English and was able to speak rather well. Mau was a great driver and made us feel safe in an unfamiliar environment. We enjoyed his company very much and intend to use him on our next travel.

The cost was very affordable so we were happy to be generous at the end of the day by handing him a few extra dollars. It isn't much to us, but means alot to Mau and the other drivers in their economy. On our last full day we decided to show or appreciation to him by making some repairs to his tuk tuk. We

reupholstered the arms, a seat, the roof and picked up a new helmet for him. All of that and cost less than a dinner for two in the USA. The smile on his face was priceless.

Please dont hesitate to use this website to book your driver. Mau's service was wonderful and I'm sure you wont be disappointed with any of the drivers. Thanks to Leonard for all your helpful information as well as prompt and professional responses. Im so thankful these men have you to help promote their services.

 •Peter and Christine Witton, Melbourne, Australia

A great country to visit now. Laid back and friendly. A wealth of history. Enjoyed Siem Reap and glad we did a quad bike ride into the countryside. Traffic good now but could get gridlocked in a couple of years. Travelling by tuk tuk is a great way to see the town and countryside.

We were very pleased to have Savuth as our tuk tuk driver. He was pleasant, happy, helpful and honest.

He provided cold water during our trip at no extra cost. We would definately recommend him and travel by tuk tuk around Siem Reap. He took us to a good restaurant on the way back from the Butterfly Centre and Banteay Serai - Cambodian Kitchen. Recommend this as well.


Hello Leonard: My friend, Doris and I would like to thank you for arranging our tut tuk driver, Savuth. He was reliable, on time, friendly and very helpful in assisting us on our tours. would recommend to my friends in the future. All the best to you and Savuth's family.

•Ryan from Melbourne, Australia

Hi Leonard, just a quick note to let you know that everything turned out perfectly. Mau was great and we really enjoyed the day in and around angkor. Please pass on our warmest regards to Mau, and thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide to both the humble traveller and the hard working local! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone i know planning to see the temples. All the best and we will speak again when i plan my next visit.

•Jackie and Trevor, Brisbane, Australia

This was our 2nd trip to Cambodia in 2 years and this time as well as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh we visited Kampot, Kep and Sihanoukville. Our modes of transport were by boat, and private motor vehicle. Although we made most our bookings on line ourselves we found that the hotels can organize vehicles and 'safe' drivers etc at very reasonable prices and are a great source of information regarding trips, rather than travel agencies.

We have enjoyed Savuth's services for the past 2 trips and can highly recommend him. He is always happy, smiling and has a great sense of humour. It was like meeting an old friend again this year.

Savuth knows what the road conditions etc are like and the best time of day to visit the sites to escape the crowds. We were lucky enough to go to his home and meet his family who were all so welcoming.

He is an honest and modest man working hard to provide his family with their basic needs. Cambodians are such humble peopdle who, despite not having what we westerners take for granted, enjoy life.


My wife and I were fortunate to have Mao as our driver for our six day stay in Siem Reap. With photography/touring the temples being our main focus for our trip, our itinerary was anything but normal. We didn't follow the main circuit and went back to places multiple times. Mao always arrived to pick us up on time and with a smile on his face. He always took us exactly where we asked and was very accomodating when we switched our schedule around due to weather and available light.

If you have reached this site and are trying to decide to use the services provided here I would say "do not hesitate at all". We have no complaints about the experience. If the other drivers are half as good as Mao then they are excellent.

The only suggestion I have for my fellow travellers is; Pay your Tuk Tuk driver well. A few extra dollars out of your pocket means very little to you but, can make a big difference for your Tuk Tuk driver. These guys work very hard and should be paid accordingly.

•Marion, Australia

We are home again after a whirl wind & exciting holiday. I'll leave out Rangoon & Koh Samui. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Savuth. He was so helpful with the sight seeing and very accommodating with our preferred times & evening outings. +++ the chilled water, very thoughtful.

Savuth is a delight & I do hope his tuk tuk business builds up easpecially with your help. Please say hello from us & we really will recommend him to all we know who intend to travel to Siem Reap. The temples were grand scale & quite awe inspiring with their exquisite carvings. We loved the experience of tuk tuk travel -- definitely the only way to move around -- I'm glad you recommended this -- thank you. We only brushed the surface in Cambodia but there were so many similarities with Burma. So glad I stumbled across the web site while surfing for info. on Angkor.

•Tracy, Singapore

Banteay Srei was my favourite temple. The cravings are so delicate. Really amazing. The 45 mins country-side ride was enjoyable as you are able to see how the locals go about their daily lives. :)

Mau was our driver during the first evening and 2nd day of our Siem Reap trip. He was especially patient (we met him 1 hr later than the pre-arranged time due to flight delay but he still welcomed us with a smile when we finally walked out of the hotel to meet him). We enjoyed his company and would recommend the tuk-tuk service to those we are planning to head to Siem Reap. Great experience! Thank you Leonard for the suggested itinerary over e-mail and to Mau for your safe driving!

•Andrew and Harumi Macphail, Australia and Japan

We found that using a Tuk Tuk to tour the temples was one of the highlights of our visit to Cambodia. The temples are very interesting but most of all it is the people of Cambodia that leave a lasting impression.

We highly recommend having Savuth as your driver to tour the temples. Please convey our thanks to Savuth who was such an exceptional person it changed the nature of our holiday. He was reliable, very honest and helped point us in the right direction when it came to the best way to vist the temples. The website offers a priice list which is a big help in knowing what costs are involved. We actually though the prices quoted were per person but it is per tour which was very reasonable..

•Maria and Martin, Frankfurt

After a few very nice days in Siem Reap wie wanted to tell you that we enjoyed a lot beeing with Mr Savuth - it was very nice meeting him and he always had good ideas what to do. Please say Hello to him when speaking/mailing the next time with him. We also wanted to thank you very much arranging all this so great! If we should go to Siem Reap again or any of our friends wie will contact you again :-)

•Kathy, Greg and the kids, Australia

Just back from our unforgettable experience in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Savuth was superb! My 8 year old son misses him. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for your part in it all.

•Edward and Mary, Australia

Hi there Leonard....just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our time in Cambodia. We met up with Savuth and he was marvelous taking us to all the temples and then picking us up in the evenings to get us to restaurants and back.

We loved the temples and particularly Banteay Srei, Bayon and Ta Prohm. We actually felt that Angkor Wat was not as impressive, apart from its size, but then it was marred by scaffolding, which rather spoilt its grandeur. Savuth was such an exceptional person to show us around, listened to what we wanted to do and made it happen. 

Here is a photo of Mary with Savuth, at a roadside stall, where we purchased a few goodies and watched them making the palm sugar.

So thank you once again, Leonard....... without your generous help, we would not have had the great time we did and I can see why you have left a little bit of your heart in Cambodia.

Our best wishes, Edward and Mary.

Kristianto Gunawan T, Indonesia

We start our trip since we arrive at the Hotel for our first evening in Siem Reap, and our trip with Savuth done till 3 days later, we went many Places (Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Pre Rup, Bantey Srey, Bakhong, Sei Srang, Ta Prohm the Jungle Temple

and also Kompong klheang and kompong Plhuk at Tonle Sap).

We start early morning every day, and Savuth has picked us from hotel from 4.30AM, we are lucky that we have very 

clear weather during our Trip, and we enjoy especially for taking many Photo at all places we arrived. Savuth is a very Nice Man, he drive his Tuk-tuk very safely and doing his Job very Profesional. Also we have many information from Savuth about the best time to visit all the Places we want to go. And Savuth also know for the best food at Siem Reap for us.

•Dora, Germany

I visited the temples near Siem Reap and the lake for three full days in the middle of October 2011. This was my first time visiting Asia and I was travelling on my own so I was very curious how

everything would go. Before my trip, Leonard answered all of my questions regarding Siem Reap, the temples and the lake (of which there were A LOT) with a lot of patience and gave me helpful hints and lots of valuable information. The trip itself was amazing - I am really glad that I opted for a tuk tuk as transportation versus a car/van in an organised group. This way I was more flexible and also felt less isolated from my surroundings. Savuth was a great driver and very helpful. I told him what I wanted to see during my time there and he put together an itinerary for me, avoiding the big crowds at the temples. He was very reliable, always on time and I felt safe the whole time. And when I came back from visiting a temple he always waited with cold water for me. All in all, this was a very memorable trip and I had a wonderful time, also thanks to Savuth. I hope to be back one day.

Pat and Wayne, Melbourne Australia

We enjoyed Cambodia so much last year we decide to come again this time for 2 weeks in Siem Reap. The people are so friendly and welcoming. We visited more of the lesser known but just as interesting temples and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

We again used Savuth and received a very warm welcome at the airport, and as usual was on time and nothing was too much trouble. A highlight for us was having lunch with Savuth and his family, they opened their home and certainly made us very welcome. We were lucky as Leonard was visiting at the same time and we were able to meet. Beautiful country, beautiful people, highly recommended.

•Ixa, Australia

We visited Siem Reap for 5 days at the begining of June 2011. It truly is a wonderful place! The people are so welcoming and friendly and have a real sense of humour. We visited Anglor Wat for only one day and decided to travel around and immerse ourselves in the local culture for the remaining 4 days. Before we left Australia our children (8,11 & 13) had raised a significant amount of money and pruchased good leather footballs, puzzles, games and high bounce balls. In Siem Reap we purhcased school books, pencils, rubbers, rulers, skipping ropes, pencil sharpeners, coloured pencils and art paper. Loaded with stuff we visited several schools and an orphanage (Harmony Farm Orphanage near Beng Mealea). We were deeply affected by the level of poverty of these outlying schools, they literally have nothing to play with and their library is so under resourced it is a fallacy to call it a library! During our stay in Siem Reap we arranged for Savuth and his mate Chang to drive us around and it was one of the highlights of our stay.

Savuth is a very capable and safe driver. He is friendly and relaxed and we had an amazing time learning about Cambodia from him. By the end of our time in Siem Reap I was sad to say goodbye. Savuth also advised us on which schools to visit, chosing the poorer ones and paving the way for us by speaking to the teaching staff and translating for us. We couldn't have done it without him. We decided to only take tuk tuks for all of our day trips some of which covered considerable distances (130km return). I wouldn't consider taking a mini-van or car because you lose touch with your surroundings. You miss communicating with people on the road side, you miss the smells and "feel" of the place. Even though the temp outside is warm driving in the tuk tuk keeps you cool and comfortable. I definitely recommend engaging Savuth (and his friends) as your driver/s it will be an unforgetable experience! 

•David and Cathy Musgrove, from Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia

The visit to Cambodia was very humbling, considering the extremes the population has encountered. We spent a week in Siem Reap. Well worth staying that long. Many people were just so friendly and accommodating, welcoming the tourists with open arms, and always happy for a photograph to be taken.

Just the same as in every country there are scams and people looking for alternative ways to get a dishonest dollar. This included: a scam on the river/Tonle Sap trip where you can "buy" books and rice at a shop on the river to be delivered to an orphan school just up the river, at extremely inflated prices....such as 50k bags of rice for $100. There are other ways to give directly to schools, so don't be fooled. Many unofficial tour guides approach you, and commence discussions and before you know it they expect payment, including the very friendly policemen who are at some of the sites. Obviously their income is not very much. Also there are the young kids everywhere selling postcards, etc. They are on a great wicket when compared to the rest of the population, earning well above the average wage, so don't get sucked in by them.

Seeing Anchor Wat on first sight was emotional. It is an awesome place, with just so much to see. Just as memorable was the visit to the landmine museum. This really spells out what the country has gone through. If you are going to donate to a good cause, this might be a good one.

Take plenty of chilled water everywhere. Soak up the hospitality, and appreciate the culture of these lovely people. By all means haggle and bargain, but just remember there is a big gap between their standards and our own. Pay can be as little as $5 American a week, and houses on small plots of land can start at $8,000.

I urge people to consider Savuth's services while in Siem Reap. Rates are competitive, and the personal service and flexibility adds great value. Many drivers in Siem Reap are struggling to keep in front at the moment, but Savuth deserves the support in order to provide for his family, and to put them through the best education he can afford for them.

After missing Savuth at the airport, due to some misunderstanding with a hotel driver from the Agoda website, we didn't get to meet Savuth until the following morning. Be aware that there are many schemes by drivers to secure you for your time, even if you haven't booked them. Even if your name is on a placard, make sure it is Savuth, and not a driver that has got your name from a hotel booking site. Thankfully Leonard followed up with a phone call that afternoon to clarify the situation.

Savuth is a quiet, modest and very polite and humble person. Savuth was able to listen to what we wanted to see, and put together a program that covered everything. Always on time, and stocked with chilled water, Savuth was able to work out our capabilities and tailer each day to suit our needs. Savuth was a safe and careful driver, keeping his Tuk Tuk in clean and good condition. Savuth's wife is lovely, and we are just a little sad we couldn?t find the time to meet his children. The complimentary trip back to the airport was appreciated.

Just a note here from me, Leonard: This is a great comment from Cathy and David about the kids selling stuff everywhere. To the tourist it can appear that these kids could actually be making a good deal of money for poor kids. That was my impression on my first trip. And surely if there was no money to be made then they wouldn't be there. However, I have been told by folks at various NGOs that these kids are sadly not ambitious young entrepreneurs but are being exploited by abusive parents or mostly by borderline gangster types who enjoy the fruit of these kids' labors. So please, as charming as these kids are try and resist purchasing anything from them.

•Soma HT, Kolkata India but currently living in Singapore

Cambodia was more vast than what I had expected. It is surprising that the people here still manage to smile and be friendly after what their country has gone through. It is a pity that most of these magnificent structures are in ruins.

Please make sure you have a BIG sun hat, sunglasses and LOTS of water with you. And please use a tuk tuk (instead of a car). It is sooo much fun.

Before I talk about Savuth, I must say that Leonard was extremely helpful and patient with all my queries.

Mau picked us up from the airport but Savuth took us around on the other 4 days. He was extremely punctual (unfortunately, we were late) and courteous. I loved his dignity and the way he looked after my elderly father when my brother and I went for some of the difficult treks. What impressed me most was his right inputs at the right time. He knew when we would get to see a good sunset and warned us about the difficult part of the treks.

We came to Cambodia after a very tiring Bali & Java tour and his quiet and meticulous organization made our trip feel so easy. We could do much more than what we thought we could. Wish we could have visited his village but it rained so heavily the previous day that he advised us not to.

I would definitely recommend him to others.

•Tiwi, Indonesia

I am home now, back to Jakarta. Mau was good. My friend and I were so lucky to have him. He even could make nice photo of us. :-) I enjoyed staying in Siem Reap. Too bad that I only stayed for a very short time. :-( Hope that I could go back there someday. Thank you very much for your help.

•Cecil & Adele, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

We had Mau as our tuktuk driver for two and a half days on our trip to Siem Reap earlier this month and we really enjoyed our time there. When we arrived at the Siem Reap International Airport, we were greeted by Mau with a sign and a smile on his face (as promised by Leonard). After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we headed straight for breakfast. Then, a quick stop to pick up a book on Cambodia before starting our adventure with a visit to the Chong Kneas floating village. The next day was spent visiting the magnificent temples of Angkor (Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon) and on the third day the market, silk farm and the local handicrafts workshop. Throughout our trip, Mau was very obliging and helpful. Our experience of Siem Reap was made all the more richer by knowing him. For that, we are grateful to Leonard for making our Siem Reap adventure simply unforgettable. We would definitely recommend Mau to all our friends.

•Lalitha, USA

I wanted to thank you for sending Savuth for the 3 days we were there. He was great, always on time and very nice man. It was a pleasure to go in his Tuk Tuk. My son Ajay still talks about him and the tuk tuk. I will be recommending him to all my friends. Thanks again, we had a great time in Cambodia.

•Graham and Ann, Lancashire, England

We booked Savuth for 2 and a half days in January 2011. He was a gem of a find ? excellent, reliable, always on time. He understood and spoke good English. We arrived in to Siem Reap airport at noon and were out in our Tuk Tuk with Savuth by 2 p.m. Our hotel (Victoria Angkor) was only about 10 minutes from the airport. Without Leonard?s help, though, we?d have lost that first half day as we wouldn?t have dreamed of sightseeing so quickly after arriving.

We?d forgotten our guidebook, Savuth took us to a shop and negotiated a good price for another (in fact a much better book than we?d seen available in UK and cheaper). On our return from our first afternoon at Banteay Srei (a great start to any tour of the fabulous temples of this area) and Pre Rup (for the sunset) he found us a shop for some Cokes and Beers. (Very cheap - 4 cokes for US$2). Next day he came prepared with a cool box with beer, coke and water - excellent.

Drivers here can?t be guides so Savuth wasn?t allowed to conduct us around any of the sites although he did give us lots of information.

We?d decided we?d have a guide for the second day (seeing as much of Angkor Thom as possible) and Savuth had arranged that for us too. Before the guided tour started, Savuth picked us up at 5 a.m. to see a sunrise over Angkor Watt before coming back to the hotel for breakfast, then we set out again, guide and all. ( A bit unlucky with the sunrise as it was cloudy but sitting in the dark with hundreds of other tourists waiting for the sun to rise is an experience in itself). The temples and the history of this area are awesome -the fact that so much of the structures remain is remarkable. There's just too much to see and not enough time to see it all.

When we started to get hungry Savuth found us a good local restaurant for lunch - very enjoyable.

Savuth's planning ensured we got far more out of our time than we could ever possibly have done otherwise.

On our 3rd day it was off to Lake Tonle Sap, quite a long drive but worth it to see more of the country as well as a genuine Cambodian lake-based community and take a boat trip. Savuth pointed out things of interest along the way and accompanied us on the boat to tell us about the area, the river and the lake as well as answer our questions

The town of Siem Reap was bigger and better than expected although it?s a bit lumpy and dusty underfoot (I wouldn?t bother trying to walk around in high heels (and nor would my wife!!).

It had plenty of bars/restaurants for all tastes and pockets (in fact we thought it was very cheap, even eating in a smart restaurant one night (Nest) was really inexpensive although nowhere near as cheap as some of the local /chinese around the Pub Street area which also has lots of pubs!!

Siem Reap also had possibly the most ATM?s I?ve seen in an equivalent sized town so no problems getting money (US$ is the tourist currency here).

Given the history of this country, there?s obviously a big need for help to raise their standards of living and health so it?s perhaps no surprise that there?s lots of charities particularly those housing/educating children and in this country. A small amount of money can go a long way. Ponheary Ly mentioned elsewhere on this site is one such but if you haven't the time to find that, some of the hotels also have links with specific schools or charities and information is readily available.

Seeing people here waving and smiling from the side of the road or their houses as we passed took our memories back many a year to other then developing countries. It was definitely a great place to visit and not just for the magnificent temples.

I know it's been said before by others but we can't thank Leonard enough for answering all our emails / questions and arranging the dates with the excellent Savuth.

•Monika, Switzerland

I'm back in Switzerland. Everything worked out perfectly. Savuth is a darling. When I wanted something, he immediately made it possible. When I had no plan, he took over organisation. He was even so nice to invite me to a wedding party which was much fun. When you contact him, please transmit my best wishes and greetings to his whole family.

(Note: Monika said I could add the fact that she is 65 yrs young to assure any other readers of that age that age is no barrier to enjoying Cambodia!)

•Peter, Austria

Just arrived back from a splendid trip to Cambodia and Thailand. I want to say you special thanks for having organised Mr. Mau who showed us the temples of Angkor perfectly. He is a very good driver and a lovely person. Once again thank you so much for your perfect service and helping!!! May you always be on the sunny side, God bless you!

•Christina from Singapore

Visiting Siem Reap for a few days with my close friend and mom was one of the more soul-enriching travel experiences. And I've been to quite a number of places/ countries. The people were gentle and hospitable.. the food mostly very delicious, and the temple sites wondrous to behold.

We visited Siem Reap in January and the weather was very comfortable with us. Not too humid, and quite cool. It made exploring the various temples throughout the day much easier to handle. My friend and I do hope to be back again in Siem Reap, to indulge in more off-the-beaten track adventures or charitable works.

I had Savuth and Mau drive us around on two separate days. They were both friendly and very punctual. Savuth kindly helped accompany my aged mother when she waited at the tuk-tuk because she knew she was unable to negotiate some of the temples with steeper staircases.

Both of the drivers allowed us our own sweet time to tour the places. On the farther trip to Banteay Srei and Banteay Samre, Mau was our driver and we felt really safe travelling with him. Thanks also to the ever-patient Leonard for dealing with my email enquiries. Wish I could have met you too ;)

•Alison Barry, Melbourne, Australia

Well I have fallen for Siem Reap, a wonderful place but it is the people that are so lovely. Have had 3 great days with Mau, exploring the amazing temples, he has been great. Off to bkk tomorrow for xmas and new year and then back to ubud, bali. I think what you are doing for these guys is fantastic and I will promote them to anyone I know coming here. Have a great xmas and 2011.

•Pia & Irv, New York City, USA

We're back home now. Thanks for sending Mau, he was great, very professional and very nice. We were very happy with him. We loved Siem Reap, we hope to go back one day. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations. We had lunch at Khmer Kitchen, the place you recommended....we liked the food a lot. We also went to Touich our last night, and it was fantastic!!..... Sobey, (the owner) picked us up in his really cool jeep, and we had a lovely meal. His wife is the chef and she cooked a great meal....Irv has this fantastic whole fish and my meal was outstanding as well. The place was beautiful. They were all very nice, it's a family business Sobey said, the entire family is involved....great momories. Thanks again!

•Robert Hester, Russellville, Alabama USA

Traveling by tuk tuk to me is the best way to see this land. You are going fast enough to get where you are going, but slow enough to see the people and countryside as you are riding. The barrier of a taxi's glass and metal is removed and you see, smell and hear your surroundings. No matter how hot you get exploring the sites, by the time you reach the next site the wind cools and dries you so you'll ready to go again. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Siem Reap and highly recommend Savuth to anyone thinking of visiting this beautiful country.

I was privileged to have Savuth as my driver for 5 days, November 17-21, 2010. My days visiting the amazing sites of Angkor Wat and surrounding complexes was the second leg of a vacation alone to China and Cambodia. After being on my own for over a week in China, it was a relief to have someone as knowledgeable as Savuth waiting at the airport for me. Savuth knew the best order to see as many sites as possible and took me to local places for lunch just as I was about to be worn down from climbing all morning. He was very professional in every aspect and a very good driver in traffic that one has to see to believe. I highly recommend Suvuth as your driver in Siem Reap and thank him for making my visit a memorable one.

•Letitia, Oxford, UK

I am not sure I can find anything different about Cambodia that hasn't been said before. It is a remarkable country. Obviously there are some amazing temples and historical places to see, but most of all the Cambodian people are exceptional. They are friendly, welcoming and warm. We spent 2 and half weeks in Cambodia moving from busy and buzzy Siem Reap to more rural areas such as Battambang and Kompong Cham. We wanted to break the temple visits with some countryside and rural activities, and we were not disappointed.

I musn't forget all the wonderful advice that Leonard gave us, his help has been fantastic!

We pre-booked Savuth service in advance for a couple of days (Roluous temples + Kompong Phluk, and Bantei Srei and Kbal Spean). We had 3 days and a half more in Siem Reap and after only spending half a day with Savuth, we decided to hire his service for the entirity of our stay in Siem Reap, so 5 and half days. And we did not regret it.

We have heard some not so good report about tuk tuk drivers in Siem Reap (e.g. not turning up on time, not going to the place requested...). With Savuth none of this would ever happen to you. Savuth was always very punctual (he was arriving well before the agreed time), very thoughtful, charming and accommodating. Whatever we decided was good enough for him and also whenever. One example, he knew that we wanted to keep Angkor Wat for our last day and he made sure to drive as far away possible from it so that we did not get a sight of it. He was always very knowledgeable on the country history, the way people live, food... He even went to harvest from a tree (literally climbing the tree) some forest fruits for us to try. He always made sure that there was plenty of cold water for us to drink. He always waited patiently when we visited the temples, no matter how long it was taking. He knew how to avoid the coaches. When we needed to buy some special items, he was purchasing them for us.

Well I could carry on and on about how good Savuth is, but if you read few of these testimonies, you'll see that everybody that has hired him had a wonderful experience.

•Pat and Wayne, Melbourne, Australia

What an amazing place, the history and temples were a real eye opener. The service provided by Savuth was excellent, he was on time, had plenty of suggestions and the boat trip to the fishing village on Tonle Sap lake was a memorable adventure. On our tour of the temples he even bought cold drinks for us and arranged the guide which made the visit even better. He showed us many points of interest and his english was very good. He added to our enjoyment of our visit and would recommend him to anyone visiting. Will definitely use him again on our next visit.

Andi and Jeff, Seattle, WA, USA

Cambodia is a magical country with captivating landscapes and some of the warmest, most inviting people you will encounter. My wife and I visited Cambodia as part of an around the world trip including destinations in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, and Cambodia was by far the most fascinating and inviting locale we visited. The people live by simple means but are industrious, and surprisingly optimistic and cheerful, especially given their suffering. If you have an opportunity, visit Cambodia and discover for yourself this astonishing land and wonderful people.

If you are planning a trip to Siem Reap and the temples, the best way to get around is by tuk tuk. You will travel comfortably and have a better opportunity to see and experience the local life than you would with alternative transportation options. Most importantly, Savuth is not only a pleasant companion, he knows the temple circuit and the exact times, for example, when large buses of tourists arrive and can avoid such crowds. He ensures you have the best possible experience. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

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