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Savuth's Tuk Tuk Tours Angkor Wat Driver


Maslina and friends, Singapore (December, 2012)​

we went to the temples according to the proposed itineraries. Angkor Wat is a mystery in the dark but the spectacular sunrise has left me one of the best memories that is best kept secret in my heart the moment I saw the silhouette of the temple with featureless interior outlining the transforming red, orange and eventually blue skies. It was lovely! Bayon is another favourite of my friends. We managed to capture the reflective sunshine that rose from one of the faces. It was awesome as the photo taken shows us the uniqueness as if that the rock used were coated with all gold or perhaps we are a bunch of unique people hehe. We covered some part of the small circuits and eventually headed down for lunch at the same place.

I have attached the Muslim halal food namecards of the restaurant if you need to recommend any of your guests. There were few other halal spots such as KFC (tried and its yummy), we saw but din't try Explorer's House( hotel lodging with halal restaurant ) and another called Wau Restaurant due to the far location. However we managed to try Wau Restaurant while in Phnom Penh and loving the teh tariks hehe. For your information, we ordered pack lunch from Cambodia Muslim Restaurant and requested for early pickup the next day before heading to Kbal Spean. There were also plenty of halal labeled products at the nearby supermarket located at FCC or get an ice cream treat at the Swensens.

As per your recommendation, Savuth had gladly joined us for a hike to Kbal Spean. He was really good and quick in his climbing and we were panting to catch up with him haha. Nevertheless the scenery, the sculpture riverbed of the archaeology site of 3 km hike was really worth the effort. On the other hand, Beng Melea introduction differentiated the rest of the temples with its destructive welcoming gate. It was a spectacular view of the entrance. Savuth, once again, had kindly brought us through a private tour to the inner hike of the ruins while other tourists were strolling at the boardwalk. It was fascinating to see how these ruins were preserved as it was before.

Savuth is a very kind, caring, jovial, understanding, loves fishing with friends, resting on hammock, energetic and most importantly, he is a safe rider. He is well versed in history but can be tricky too especially when he described about the "priests" whose roots grew up overlaying another "priests" but ends up dying due to old age. We were all trying to figure out how was that possible that these "priests" meditate and ends up curling up and hang itself to death? And guess what he was not describing about priests, he was telling us about "trees"! hahaha. We couldn't help but laughing out loud!

What I love most about SR were the countryside, the lady selling glutinuos rice bean in bamboo, the bullock cart, paddy field, conversation with the children, the smiley faces of the locals, Savuth's friends (they recognizes us and said "You are Mr Savuth's.. driver" hehe), tuktuk and many others.

There are lotsa things that I would like to do, see, feel and experience in Cambodia. Hence I have decided to come back again somewhere in June. But this time doing community services to the children. I saw your videos on Ponheary Ly Foundation and is interested to help them in whatever means that they needs. Or do you know of any other children foundation that really need our help? I am able to teach Maths or even English, painting, cleaning, mending or any hand-ons I do not mind and perhaps staying in a homestay and lead a life as Cambodian. You may want to update me should there be any.

Just to let you know that Savuth looked kinda sad when it was time to depart and he even offered to send us to Phnom Penh via his tuktuk hehe. He told us that we were like a family. Perhaps his words made us so touchy that I din't think twice to come back to SR again.

Rest assured that our trip with Savuth was smooth sailing and who knows one find day we can meet up and have a cup of coffee in SR. Well I shall end my notes now. Do keep in touch and take care always.

Thanks and Regards


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