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Savuth's Tuk Tuk Tours Angkor Wat Driver


Angkor Tuk Tuk Info Documents

Here you can read and download some information documents I've put together that you might find helpful in planning your trip. Just click on the title and you can read or download each document.

Click: Guide to visiting a community on the great lake Tonle Sap:

Many people just think of the "floating villages" nearby Siem Reap. However there are several places to visit and one of them where most people are taken is a real tourist trap and disappointing experience. This brochure describes all the villages so you can make a good decision where to visit if this interests you.

Click: Itinerary planning and suggestions:

Here are my thoughts on how to approach planning your itinerary. There are some general insights and some specific thoughts on 2-day and 3-day itineraries.

Click: $US - Currency in Cambodia:

Its pretty unusual but the actual tourist currency in Cambodia is the $US. Here's a fact sheet with most of what you should know about how this works and what to expect and how to prepare.

NOTE: I have just been informed that all the banks are now charging an ATM withdrawal fee of $4 - $6 per transaction (there used to be a couple of freebie holdouts). I will update the article itself asap. Apparently the transaction fee golden goose was too alluring to resist.


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Angkor Visitor Tips